Friday November 23rd 2012 & Inner City Dance


RENE LAVICE (Ram Records)

Fresh off his U.K/European Tour our latest Canadian export is back to show us why he's signed to Andy C's mighty RAM Records! Let's show him the support and love he deserves!

MARCUS VISIONARY (Digital Soundboy)

On this night Marcus is going to dust off his golden era Dnb vinyl to give you a taste of the classics!

LUSH (Inner City Dance)

Lush is known as a powerhouse behind the turntables. Get ready as he gives you an upfront Jungle Drum and Bass set! No compromise!

RICK TOXIC (Toronto Jungle)

Toxic is by far one of the most underated and talented Dj's in the city of Toronto! Get ready as he warms up the room with some Jungle classics!

BANDIT EMCEE (Junglist Movement)

Bandit Emcee is arguably the best MC/host in our city. He lets the music breathe while getting the crowd hype!

Annex WreckRoom - 794 Bathurst Street
$10 All night long