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    Published on 02-24-2014 11:15 PM

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The days begin to get a bit longer, and the weather a little warmer. It is still -6 degrees outside but for us Canadians we might as well be in shorts.

    The months between November to March seem to be dedicated to raver hibernation. We all stay locked in our condo’s through the cold winter, listening to mixes, downloading all the new tracks that our favourite producers have been working during their own studio hibernation, and we eagerly begin to look forward to the spring when the touring kicks off and we get to hear our new favourites live!

    The Destiny family has been laying low through the winter not out of fear of the cold but in preparation for what is easily on the greatest weeks of the year… BASS WEEK. Heading into our 4th consecutive year, Bass Week has become the destination for all the bass heads in Toronto and beyond.

    With revelers traveling across the country and even from the US, Bass Week has become one of the biggest parties of the year in terms of Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Breaks and beyond. Past guests to Bass Week have included High Contrast, Netsky, Delta Heavy, Toddla T, Mystical Influence, Ed Rush and Optical, Grooverider and many many more, including a stacked group of local talent.

    One of the aspects most loved about Bass Week is that we have been able to maintain a set group of nights, that way you all have at least some idea of what to expect. Since the first year we have always offered Projek: Hospitality one night and Projek: Ram on another – bringing two of the most powerful record labels in Drum and Bass to two separate parties. These two events have become THE parties of Bass Week and are easily the most anticipated and attended. We have always offered other events throughout the week as well.

    Once upon a time we used to pair with the late Bassmentality *RIP* and throw down hard inside Wrong Bar and we have also thrown events with our partners in crime, Embrace, to throw events at The Hoxton such as Dillon Francis last year. This year we are sticking to our roots and are of course bringing back the Hospitality and Ram nights. However to change things up a bit, instead of having the nights back to back they are spread out on separate weekends with a week full of events in between.

    Friday March 21st: Projek Hospitality

    Saturday March 22nd: Projek: Circus

    Friday March 28th: Projek: World of Drum and Bass

    Saturday March 29th: Projek: Ram

    Projek Hospitality:

    Hospitality. Always a personal favourite of mine. This night will be happening on March 21st at Toronto’s Sound Academy. This year the Hospitality tour is featuring: S.P.Y, Danny Byrd and Fred V & Grafix with the support from Dynamite MC as well as Toronto’s own Marcus Visionary and DJ Lush. Riding high on the release of the compilation ‘We Are 18′ from Hospital Records in celebration of their 18th Birthday, the Hospital fam has a huge collection of new releases and remixes that they are going to unleash on us inside Sound Academy. Fred V & Grafix are preparing to launch their new album so we can expect heaps of new goodies from this talented duo.

    Projek: Circus

    Making a stop in Toronto as part of their ‘Grand Central Tour’ Circus Records are going to bring the grime with the labels main man, Doctor P alongside the crude and talented Cookie Monsta and the newly acquired Mizuki. Toronto’s Hydee will also be there to support. Doctor P has played as part of Bass Week before (2012) and Cookie Monsta was in the city last fall, but could this tour bring the united revival of Dubstep to Toronto? We can hope. This night is going to be a sweaty, grimey, wobbly night and will be happening Saturday March 22nd at one of Toronto’s newest concert venues, Adelaide Hall.

    Projek: World of Drum and Bass

    One of the worlds most notorious Drum and Bass tours will be touching down at Product Nightclub on Friday March 28th as part of the World of Drum and Bass’ North American Tour. The line up this year is absolutely ridiculous and is guaranteed to be an absolute roadblock. DJ SS, Bailey, Mampi Swift and Greenlaw will be bringing the skills that only true veterans of the scene have and with local talent such as Mr. Brown, Everfresh and Rick Toxic there as support we know this night will be one for the books.

    Projek: Ram

    Ah, Ram Records. Always THE BEST night of Bass Week. This year this magnificent night will the finale to what is sure to be a week to remember. This year the Ram Records tour will be coming to Sound Academy on March 29th. With it? Toronto’s own contribution to the Ram Records camp, Rene LaVice. Wilkinson will be making his return to Toronto and following on the heat from his recently released debut album: Lazers Not Included. This man is on absolute fire and his single ‘Afterglow’ has skyrocketed this dude to international mainstream fame. An all time favourite to Toronto Loadstar is back after their appearance at last years Bass Week and with the success of their debut album, Future Perfect, we can be certain to hear all their famous anthems and a kick ass selection of new dubs. Last but not least we have that dude, that is kind of like.. the greatest DJ in all of Drum and Bass. The Executioner himself, Andy C. After keeping us waiting for far too long, he finally released his latest Nightlife installment, Nightlife Six where he showcases his favourite tracks and debuts three new mixes. Andy C is no stranger to Destiny Events and we always love having him out so we can expect nothing but the best when he throws down inside Sound Academy on the 29th of March.


    The BEST way to attend Bass Week is by purchasing a wristband which are available online HERE. The current cost for a Bass Week Wrist Band is $116 incl. service fees. This cost if you go to each of the four shows brings the total cost to under $30 a show. This is HIGHLY recommended as once individual tickets become available they will be more than this cost and are also subject to availability. Meaning, if we sell enough wrist bands that will make an event sold out, individual tickets will not be available so act fast before they sell out or the price goes up.

    All BASS WEEK info is available through our Facebook Page as well as through each events embedded links above.

    All events are 19+.

    - See more at: http://destinyevents.ca/blog/bass-we....NztglJAS.dpuf
    Published on 02-16-2014 08:21 PM

    Toronto's hardest working tune hustler and all around nice guy steps into the DJ mag offices to chat about Toronto, music, food and a few other bits (we approve of the million dollar answer)

    Check out the full article here from our friends at DJ Mag, and keep an ear to the ground for some events in the Spring and Summer featuring Mr. Brown as the DJ and Curator.
    Published on 02-09-2014 07:50 PM

    F*ck the flowers and ditch the chocolates … its the Anti-Valentine’s Celebration that’s worthy of a visit from a pair of Vipers.

    Soul In Motion Events presents the Decade of Viper Show featuring Matrix & Futurebound. With their massive smasher “Control” hitting the Top 10 in the UK charts, its a perfect time to showcase one of the top acts in DnB today.

    Viper Recordings has come on strong over the years to become one of the most prolific and versatile labels out there. Come celebrate their 10 years of smashers, anthems, rollers and everything in-between with the best crowd in Toronto!

    DECADE OF VIPER - Anti-Valentines Day Special

    Viper Recordings UK

    with Support from:

    Soul In Motion : Heavyweight

    Soul in Motion : www.spinzcycle.com

    Soul In Motion


    Hosted By


    HAZE ROOM - 108 Peter Street - Toronto
    19+ Event / 10 PM / VIP Bottle Service Available

    TICKET INFO ++++++++++++++++++++

    $20 Adv Ticket / More At The Door
    Online Tickets @ http://spinzcycle.com/buytickets
    Regular Tickets @ Play De Record 416.586.0380


    Miss Jennifer Cupcakes
    FB http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.cupcakes
    Txt 647 219 3996
    Email breakn_entertainment@live.com

    Lovely Laura
    FB http://www.facebook.com/lovely.laura.357
    Phone 647 283 6440

    Calder Schantz
    647 466 1120
    DT toronto

    Anna S.
    West end (Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington)

    647 404 5769
    Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Port Perry

    More being added for your area soon!

    FOLLOW SIM ++++++++++++++++++++++

    TWITTER - http://twitter.com/soulinmotiondnb
    FACEBOOK - http://facebook.com/soulinmotionevents
    Published on 01-11-2014 10:55 PM

    Here we are. It's actually our 16th year online, but we missed the 15 year anniversary and, who cares really.

    Many people have been at the helm of this website through the years, and regardless of what kind of music the city has been focused on, it has always been here.

    Through producing and promoting events, to providing an online presence for news and an outlet for artists to showcase their skills, to the infamous forum that has created controversy, friendships, breakups and the occasional lawsuit.

    On Friday February 7th, with our friends at Groundspace and Sonorous, we pool together to all celebrate the music that ultimately bound us.

    A massive lineup in the most spectacular venue in the city, with the only world class sound and lighting rig that could properly host the festivities.

    Calyx and Teebee on 6 decks, their last performance in Toronto is still one of the best displays of Drum n Bass the city has seen in years. The mighty Dillinja, king of the basslines and extremely overdue to light up the Guvernment's Phazon Soundsystem. Rene La Vice, local hero, international favourite and one of the best in the game right now.
    Toronto veterans Lush, Hydee and Trajady compliment the festivities, all among the finest in the city.

    And of course, you. The Toronto music lover that has made our city one of the best in the world. Whether you started 20 years ago or last week. We welcome you to our dancefloor.

    Tickets are available online at www.wantickets.com/torontodnb or in stores. For full info, check the forum.

    Friday February 7th 2014, Toronto Drum n Bass.

    There is no doubting the longevity of Drum n Bass in Toronto. We have spoken at length about its constant pulse in the nightlife of our city. An example of this solid foundation comes with Junglist Movement, 15 years of pushing the sound to the most loyal underground crowd.

    We sit down with head honcho Marcus Visionary to speak briefly about JM, its history, and what he has been up to.

    [TJ] If memory serves us correctly, the first Junglist Movement took place inside Industry Nightclub. What spawned Junglist Movement at that period in the city, and how does the climate of Drum n Bass back then compare to how it is now?

    Marcus Visionary The first few Junglist Movements I did were with Rob Lisi from Syrous and they were held at Industry nightclub.

    The very first event was Sept 1999. Drum & Bass in Toronto was at it's peak in terms of attendance. I remember flyering the lineup for a Science center event for the very first party.

    People were craving the Oldschool Jungle sounds so I decided to launch Junglist Movement to focus specifically on all aspects of Oldschool Jungle, Ragga, DnB.

    Drum n Bass has always been, and continues to be the foundation of the underground electronic movement in Toronto.
    While other genres float in and out of popularity, DnB has continued for 20 years to have a home deep in hearts of the most dedicated and passionate fans.

    With the current EDM boom, how do you see the story playing out?

    I believe EDM is just a way for corporates to lump all genres of electronic music under one umbrella so that it's easier for them to create trends and sell underground music to a pop audience.
    So far they have pretty much ignored the existence of Jungle & DnB outside of a very small few acts. I think as long as the music stays strong in the U.K there will always be an underground.
    The best music has always come from the underground scenes anyway. At the moment EDM is winning in terms of attendance but it's ripping thru trends and treating genres like they are disposable.
    Hopefully punters will start to see through this and start digging on their own again. The U.K doesn't really support the use of the term EDM because they can see that it's just a way for corporates, booking agencies to control what they don't understand.

    I'm happy their sticking to their guns and keeping control of their own music industry.

    You have taken to the road a lot more, with the past year seeing you headline shows all over over europe. north america and hawaii. How do other cultures receive you in comparison to Toronto? How receptive are they to your sets, and how much do you change your sets depending on where you play?

    I've been on tour more this year than I've been home. I started with a Canadian tour then Europe then the U.S. When I travel I get to play more of the music I've produced and also music from my fellow artists that are on the same labels.

    This years been a great year for me. The highlights would have to be playing Outlook in Croatia for the first time. Bumped into our hometown hero Rene Lavice and the whole 40 hz crew which was fun! I was also fortunate enough to play Boomtown Festival in the U.K for my second year and I'm lucky to say that I'm heading back this year. Hawaii was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

    My new U.S booking agent is based in Hawaii so I'm hoping I'll get to visit again soon. Respect in L.A & Stamina in San Fran in the U.S are always vibes! When I play around the world I play Jungle and Jungle inspired DnB mainly but I make sure to have everything and read the crowds as every place differs in taste. I've been home for about a month now and I'm happy to be home.

    I'm looking forward to helping to make our current scene stronger. RUN RED is now a weekly Thursday night event at Thymeless that I'm trying to build by having guests out on a regular basis. We'll be celebrating our Junglist Movement 15 Year on Boxing Day which is exciting!

    If you could colab with one artist, alive or dead, who would it be?
    I'm going to cheat and say a few.. Beres Hammond, Bitty Mclean, Stylo G. Supercat

    After a gig in Toronto, best spot to grab some food?
    New Sky on Spadina. 7 West for a healthier choice. Bartons on Queen.

    Best gig of 2013?
    Best gig of 2013 was Outlook Festival in Croatia.

    Best record of 2013?
    You've stumped me!

    Best mastering tip?
    Your song will only sound as clean as your source materials. You can't polish a turd!

    What's in the pipeline production wise?

    I have an LP forthcoming on Curtis Lynch's Necessary Bass imprint out of the U.K featuring: Mr. Williamz, Cutty Ranks, Tarrus Riley, Shola Ama, Ny & Sizzla, Macka B, Papa Levy and more. Loads of new releases forthcoming on Liondub International with the next being a remix of Jah Cure's 'Never Find'. I'm also working on an LP with Canada's Reggae & Dub ambassador Dubmatix which will be coming out on Inner City Dance in 2014. Remixes forthcoming on Chopstick and Irish Moss.

    Last word: Articles saying that 'Jungle is cool again'. It never stopped being cool! If you haven't come out to a Jungle DnB event lately get your ass out on Boxing day for the Junglist Movement 15 Year! We don't follow trends.. We create them. THE ORIGINAL BLUEPRINT!

    Junglist Movement - Boxing Day 2013 - 15 Year Anniversary